Founder Profile 2.0 + Research Opportunity

Strange as it seems, being around 600+ people helps me come up for air and reflect a bit, so here’s a quick update from the floor of the Southeast Venture Conference in Charlotte, NC, where we are proud to serve as a conference sponsor once again.


  • The past year has been fast, furious and fruitful.  We have enjoyed working with clients in locations as varied as Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Hartford, London, Paris, Singapore, St. Petersburg, Bratislava, and Dubai.
  • One favorite project has involved immersive work in helping a $25B global biopharma company develop a more entrepreneurial culture.
  • Also in 2014, we helped hundreds of leaders in global tech and financial services companies operate more successfully across boundaries and extend their positive influence and impact.
  • I’ve also enjoyed serving as a mentor for the Lean Startup Conference as well as for Eric Ries’ new kickstarter campaign.
  • Most excitingly, over the past year, we rebooted our Entrepreneur Core Characteristics Profile (ECCP) and moved it to a new hosting platform (PAN).

  • We want to generate additional data — lots of it — on what makes entrepreneurs tick.
  • If you work with entrepreneurial populations, please get in touch if you are interested in using the assessment tool for research, education, coaching/advising, etc.  We can make the tool available at minimum cost in exchange for having access to the data generated.
  • We are especially interested in helping large enterprises identify, retain, and develop entrepreneurial talent (before it walks out the door to chase that big idea….).
  • Interested in exploring?  Contact me via twitter (@johnbradberry) or email Dawn Ballenger at

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