“John created and delivered an engaging presentation that was relevant to the entire start-up eco-system: entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers. I walked away energized, with practical lessons to apply to my work and to share with my colleagues. John’s deep and varied business experience and his background in psychology combine in ways that make you sit up and listen, and learn.”
                                              Fletcher Fairey, Associate University Counsel, UNC-Chapel Hill

John Bradberry is a frequent speaker at venues such as South by Southwest, Lean Startup Conference, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Startup Weekend, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), UNC – Chapel Hill, Davidson College, and Lehigh University.  He has helped more than a thousand leaders and hundreds of teams take their performance and results to higher levels. He tailors his talks and workshops to the unique interests of each audience by adhering to three principles:

  • Purpose: John works to get clear about the “why” behind any speaking engagement. He finds out what audiences and clients care most about, and designs an experience that delivers on those expectations.
  • Connection: John creates a personal connection with his audience, and he’s a believer in connecting listeners with each other and with his material, all with the aim of creating memorable, high-energy experiences.
  • Learning: John’s forte is as a teacher, someone who helps audience members discover and apply immediately relevant insights. His goal is to impart practical knowledge and skills without being pushy or “preachy.”

John’s presentations range from one hour talks and keynotes to half day, full day, and multi-day workshops.  Topics include:

The Ready Founder: What Prepares Aspiring Entrepreneurs for the Startup Journey?
Most entrepreneurs are hyper-passionate but under-prepared. Through his own entrepreneurial experience and his immersive study into startup success factors, John has identified a set of core principles that can dramatically improve a new venture’s likelihood of success. He helps participants understand these principles and apply them to their own startup opportunities. For the audience, the result is a heightened awareness of what’s required to succeed as an entrepreneur and (where appropriate) a focused plan for accelerating their new business forward.

Avoiding the Passion Trap: How to Harness Your Entrepreneurial Passion and Launch a Can’t-Miss Startup
Could the legendary passion that drives and energizes so many entrepreneurs also be the very thing that leads many of them astray?  John has found that many talented entrepreneurs ultimately fail because they become emotionally attached to their ideas. In this humorous but insightful talk, John borrows from his background in psychology and performance coaching. He explains six dangers of entrepreneurial passion and provides a framework to help passionate founders bring the best of their enthusiasm, determination, and commitment while avoiding the pitfalls and traps that can accompany them.

What Makes an Entrepreneur?
Are entrepreneurs born or made? What personality traits are most closely associated with venture success? How can startup founders bring their best to the startup challenge? In this talk, John explains 11 core traits associated with entrepreneurship and provides participants with personalized feedback the Entrepreneur Core Characteristics Profile. Participants will understand how their personalities match up with what is typically required to launch and grow a successful venture, and will leave with action plans for deploying their strengths and compensating for any significant gaps.

Getting the Right Things Right Along Your Startup Path
Launching a startup can be overwhelmingly stressful and chaotic for a founding team, and there’s a lot of confusion about what is most important at each given step in the growth process. In the fog of a startup launch, entrepreneurs often lose focus, spreading their attention across hundreds of issues. In this workshop, John Bradberry helps aspiring and new entrepreneurs understand that their success or failure will ultimately be driven by a handful of fundamental factors. Do you understand the make-or-break factors that will drive the success of your new venture? If so, how well are you addressing these factors, and where are your gaps? How can you dramatically improve your odds of success?