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What is Your Entrepreneurial Profile? Find Out (for free) in the “Name That Tool” Contest

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the tool so far, but we’re looking for your best ideas for a new name. We hope that the tool’s name appeals both within academic settings (e.g., business schools and entrepreneur programs) and within the broader world of startups and high-growth businesses. Continue reading

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“6 Secrets . . . 5 Founders” (Excerpted)

On September 1, in partnership with Charlotte’s Business Innovation and Growth (BIG) Council, I was honored to pull together four founders and investors, all featured in my recent book, to share observations and lessons from a multitude of startup launches … Continue reading

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Cultivating Trust as a Business Tool (or Why 5-Hour Meetings Might Be a Great Idea)

If you want to launch a business from scratch, it’s hard to find a better entrepreneurial role model than J.C. Faulkner. ┬áJ.C. is one of the four core founders whose startup stories I follow throughout my book, and is a … Continue reading

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Old School Startup Rules: 4 Business Fundamentals That Will Never Change

Our planet’s startup climate is being rapidly and radically reshaped. An aspiring entrepreneur can launch a global brand from his or her basement at a fraction of what it cost only a few years ago. Business ideas admired as highly … Continue reading

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Book is for Sale! Thanks to All Who Made it Possible

My book, 6 Secrets to Startup Success, is now available through major booksellers. I’m proud of the finished product, excited about early feedback, and looking forward to your additional reactions and comments. Publishing a book is an imperfect process of … Continue reading

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“Icarus Qualities” – 5 Essential Traits That Can Endanger Your Venture

I’m excited that that our team is closing in on the release of the Entrepreneur Core Characteristics Profile (ECCP), an empirically developed assessment tool that provides feedback on eleven personality characteristics associated with entrepreneurial success. I’ll be writing more about … Continue reading

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Congratulations to an Entrepreneur Who Made It

Early phase businesses can be treacherous. Of the millions of startups that are launched each year in the U.S., most fail or stall out within a few years. Too many of those that survive are led by fatigued and stressed-out … Continue reading

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