SXSW 2012 Follow-up: How to be Extremely Passionate and Absolutely Realistic

Just returned home from the 2012 version of the annual stimulation-provocation-fest that is South by Southwest (SXSW).  Thank you to everyone who attended my solo talk on Saturday about the “war” between passion and realism. Great crowd – great engagement, input, and conversation.

As promised, here are:

  1. Selected slides from our session:  Click here, or on the above image. (For those of you who were not there, I’ll post a narrated version soon).
  2. A PDF version of the handouts:  2012 SXSW Handouts

The last page of the handout includes a discount code for you to take our entrepreneur profile (ECCP) and receive a full report on how your personality matches 11 qualities associated with entrepreneurship. Anyone reading this post can use the 30% discount for the next few weeks.  To take the assessment, click here and enter the code eccp.30 when prompted.

A Snapshot of Visual Notes from the session by Stacy Weitzner of

I’ll post more follow up thoughts in coming weeks, including an upcoming article on the topic for American Express OPEN Forum.

Until then, may you be strong in startup passion and realism.


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