Enchantment is Like Fitness: A Conversation with Guy Kawasaki

Last Friday, I enjoyed spending time on the phone with Guy Kawasaki, author of the just-released book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.  Many years ago, Guy helped Apple Computer enchant the world as the company’s Chief Evangelist. He has since founded Garage Ventures, a VC firm, and is more recently the co-founder and driving force behind Alltop.com, the digital magazine rack. In between and around all of that other stuff, he has written, published, and successfully launched 10 highly influential books. Other than that, as I told him in our interview, he’s clearly a slacker : ) …

I’ll post a review of Enchantment tomorrow (the cliff’s notes version of the review is: buy this book and devour it, and you can purchase the book by clicking on the title above).

Today, I want to share the 22-minute podcast of my conversation with Guy, who covers topics ranging from 16th century beheadings, “Pan Am smiles,” why enchantment is like fitness, and his typical day (including his customary 2-hour hockey spree just before lunch).

Click below to listen to the interview:
[wpaudio url=”http://readyfounder.com/wp-content/mp3/Kawasaki.mp3″ text=”John Bradberry Interview with Guy Kawasaki”]
In support of Tuesday’s launch, Guy has provided a wealth of resources surrounding the book, including:

Thanks, Guy, for your lending your wisdom and support for entrepreneurs of all sizes and stripes.


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